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איל שני טיפול במגע, דיקור וצמחי מרפא במיתר


"Treating the Disease When the Signs Already Appear Is Like a Thirsty Man Who Now Digs a Well ..."

From the Yellow Emperor's Internal Medicine Book

Oriental medicine based on harmony between all lives qualities- physical, mental and emotional. Each quality support the others. A person in harmony is happy, healthy, successful and loved by others. The ones who reach that state knows the harmony, should be maintained by right life style, right action, right thinking and developing wisdom and compassion toward all.

In the treatment I share with you, I combine Hands on therapies, Acupuncture, Herbology, Nutrition, and right movement and posture. Above all, it is the understanding of the use of our life resources and our responsibility to maintain them. For specific issues please contact me

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