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איל שני מלמד מדיטציה במיתר


"Meditation is one of the wonderful arts in life - perhaps the most wonderful of all. When you learn about yourself, watch yourself, watch the way you walk, how you eat, what you say, gossip, hatred, jealousy - if you are aware of it all inside you - without any choice, it is part of meditation. Like beauty - it should not be measured in words. Only from this silence can the meditative consciousness operate ".             Krishnamurti

איל שני מלמד מדיטציה במיתר

In this lesson, we will cultivate the source of silence in us. we will enable vitality and calm in all areas of life.
The class starts and ends in a quiet session in-between using the Meridians yoga, and reading texts.
Meridians yoga are exercises that stimulate the channels of energy flow in the body to regain vitality and healthy functioning, through the activation of the body, breath, and thought. The lesson is suitable for anyone, with or without experience, who wants to deepen and explore his body and health and learn in a fun way how to improve and optimize functioning in daily life.


You are Welcome to join us in the class!

איל שני מלמד מדיטציה במיתר
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