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איל שני שיעורי טאי צ'י במיתר


איל שני שיעורי טאי צ'י במיתר

"Still as the mountain flows like the great river"

Tai chi is the Chinese art of health and balance of body and mind.

The practice emphasizes slow harmonic movement, combining posture, rhythm, and breathing - a kind of meditation in movement  


In the lesson, we will learn to listen to the relationship between different parts of our body, between the earth and us and between us and another person.


The daily practice contributes to strengthening health, balancing internal energies and preventing illness.


The training is suitable for anyone, any age, and any medical condition.


No previous experience or fitness is required, but the only condition for joining is the desire to learn this art.


You are Welcome to join us in the class! 

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